Slope Early Warning System

The system is developed locally based on the requirement and slope analysis from clients. It is web based system and the user can access anywhere where there is internet connectivity. 

The system consists of Main Dashboard, Slope Navigator, Analysis Chart, Alert Module and Reporting. 













Slope Navigator

Each slope will be equipped with sensors such as rain gauge, in-place inclinometer, tensiometer and piezometer. The slope navigator will show sensors status with respective summary chart. Each sensors will be marked with colour pointer showing normal (yellow), alert (orange) and critical (red) condition. From each colour pointer, we can navigate the status of sensors in chart form. It also shows the Factor of Safety (FOS) for the slope by indicating the FOS value with respective colour (Yellow = Normal, Orange = Alert and Red = Critical). 

Analysis Chart 

The system also will give you specific chart for analysis purpose for each sensor. We can investigate the trending of each sensor by date, time and specific parameter such as reset cycle. 

System Monitoring System

Alert Module 


Whenever the sensor senses any alert or critical condition, the specific sensor shows the Orange or Red status condition on the Main Dashboard and Slope Navigator page. The system also will send notification through SMS and Email system. 



The system will report raw and analysis data from the sensors or instrumentations. The report can be archive to pdf, jpeg, png and svg format for printing purpose.